Project Coordination | The JSA Approach

Our Production Team Members Coordinate On-Site Work
Our Salesperson Coordinates with Clients On-Site

Project coordination is on-going: it begins during the design process and continues beyond the warranty period. We coordinate with stakeholders both internally and externally. External stakeholders may include owners, contractors, architects, and employees thereof. Internally, we maintain many records which include e-mails, photos, documents (internally- and externally-produced), and more. These records allow us to maintain high levels of efficiency and to coordinate effectively.

The type of coordination we carry out varies depending on whether the project is new construction, renovation, or a completed building. A few of the coordination tasks that we complete are listed below.

  • Conduct regular job site visits.
  • Attend project meetings with architects, contractors, owners, and others.
  • Monitor the progression of construction/renovation.
  • Ensure completion of audiovisual system prerequisites such as placement of floor boxes and infrastructure that is installed by other trades (most commonly electrical contractors).
  • Keep up-to-date with deadlines and completion goals.

The first phase is Design which starts as soon as we are engaged...