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Speakers Are Tested During an On-Site Service Call

Support is an important part of every technology system. Even though we only use products that meet our high standards for quality and reliability, equipment failures can never be totally avoided. If you don’t experience any equipment failures, you may still have questions about your system or its individual components.

Your system is covered by a one-year warranty. Under this warranty, we will repair or replace defective products at no cost for parts or labor. After your warranty expires, we continue to provide the same exceptional level of support at reasonable prices.

We are standing by to answer your e-mails and phone calls when you have problems, questions, or concerns. If we can’t achieve a resolution via e-mail or phone, our service manager will work with you to schedule on-site service and keep system downtime to a minimum. Because of our standardization approach, we can often draw replacement equipment directly from our stock which prevents delays due to shipping and receiving.

We continue our comprehensive record collection during the support phase. We maintain detailed service records and we can look back at system drawings, operation manuals, and other documents that we created and accumulated during the design-build-install stages of your project. This lets us achieve timely resolutions and keeps your costs down after your system warranty has expired.

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