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Scott Stanley Conducts Customer Training
System Manual Example

Training is scheduled for a date and time that will allow as many end-users as possible to attend. We recommend that you include anyone that could possibly use the system in the training session. Those who are not comfortable using technology will benefit from seeing the simplicity of your new system.

During training, our trainer will go over every function of the system from control system operation to connecting microphones, lecterns, and auxiliary devices. You will be presented with operations manuals for the system and for individual components along with other documents such as serial number lists.

If you must use your system prior to the formal training session, one of our technicians can provide a quick rundown of the system. Often this can be done over the phone or in-person after final quality control. Using your system prior to formal training provides an opportunity for users to identify areas they do not fully understand so that clarification can be provided during the training session.

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