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These rooms typically feature movable wall partitions that allow you to use them as one large space or multiple smaller spaces. Audiovisual integrations in these rooms can be complicated. When the room is divided, you want to be able to hear microphone and media audio in only the room where it is being produced. You will also want to be able to have displays and lighting systems that are able to work independently while the room is divided.

Many of our competitors accomplish this room division with complicated, manual systems that work like a historic telephone switching station. You disconnect microphone inputs from one amplifier and connect them to another. These systems are often so difficult to operate that only one or two of your employees will know how to set up the room. This can be a real problem if these employees relocate or are away when you need to use your system.

Our systems greatly simplify operation of these types of rooms. They detect when dividing walls are in place and automatically reconfigure lights, speakers, projectors, and microphone inputs. There are no special steps or rules to learn—you operate your system the same way no matter what layout you have set up.

The digital signal processors (DSPs) that we use to dynamically configure your room also eliminate much of the need for a staff person to oversee microphone levels. The DSP automatically sets input and output levels as appropriate to eliminate feedback and can even turn microphones on and off based on whether you are speaking into them.

These rooms give you incredible adaptability: we've worked in spaces that can be divided into as many as eight smaller rooms (in more than 64 combinations). There is no reason to complicate the audiovisual systems in these rooms. Our unique solutions make them intuitive and even more adaptable.

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