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Ceiling Speaker Coverage Diagram
Input Wall Plate Diagram
Coverage Cone for Line-Array Speaker Assembly
System Upgrade Field Wiring Diagram

Our design process begins when we are engaged by the owner, architect, contractor, or some combination of the three. Once we understand the system requirements and characteristics of the room and building, we create a preliminary budget to provide to the owner for approval or revision.

During preparation of the budget, our design team identifies equipment that will be necessary to meet every requirement. Projectors, screens, and flat panels are selected to be appropriately-sized for the viewing environment. Speakers are quantified to cover the entire space with proper sound levels. Microphones, floor boxes, wall plates, cables, and all other components are also chosen during this phase.

  • Electrical Risers showing all audiovisual infrastructure
  • Light Fixture Zones
  • Speaker Layouts
  • Wireless Site Survey
  • Connectivity and Compatibility Requirements for interfacing with systems like the LAN

When we have received a contract to proceed, we begin the design process in full. If we will be coordinating with other construction trades like a general or electrical contractor, we produce drawings and other documents like those listed to the right.

For every system, we complete a wiring diagram. This drawing is updated with changes through each step of our process which helps us provide efficient support.

Acoustical engineering is also part of system design. By considering acoustical factors up front, we can help identify materials, equipment, and construction techniques that will optimize sound quality. We review HVAC and other mechanical system drawings to identify sources of noise which may need to be relocated or adjusted or which may require unique alterations to the audiovisual system. Sometimes dampening materials are strategically added over reflective surfaces or sources of mechanical noise to absorb sound. In other cases, special speaker and microphone configurations may be used.

Acoustics is a science; without the right tools and expertise, even an uncomplicated system can perform poorly. All of our technicians and designers attend seminars conducted by Synergetic Audio Concepts (Syn-Aud-Con). These seminars teach the latest techniques in designing and configuring sound reinforcement systems.

Once a system is designed, we begin Fabrication...