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Cart-Mounted Video Conferencing System Wiring
Lectern Fabrication and Testing in Our Shop
Video Conferencing Carts During Production

During fabrication, we assemble system components in-house and begin preparing for on-site installation. We complete every task possible while the system is still in our workshop. Doing this allows us to spend less time on-site which helps you achieve project milestones on time. Some of the tasks that we complete during fabrication are listed below.

  • Assemble Furniture  Some furniture comes fully-assembled, but most pieces comes ready-to-assemble.
  • Install Equipment  Equipment is installed in lecterns, racks, or other furniture.
  • Wire Systems  Individual components are wired together so they can work as a system.
  • Prepare for On-Site Installation  We complete as much as possible before taking equipment on-site.

Once assembled and wired, the system is ready for Software...