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A projection system consists primarily of a projector and a screen (a speaker/amplifier setup is also sometimes included). We can install your projector and screen on the wall or ceiling or set them up on a cart, table, or other surface. Projectors include a set of inputs that allows them to connect to computers, media playback devices (like streamers or DVD players), and similar video output devices. Most projectors offer variable image sizes which range from around 72-inches up to hundreds of inches. Portable models can weigh as little as a few pounds, while the most powerful projectors can be 100-lbs or more.

Our projector partners, Panasonic and Barco, offer the best LCD and DLP solutions for every possible environment. Portable models range from 3.5-lbs to 12.8-lbs while packing up to 4,500 lumens, resolutions up to 1920 x 1200, and 7,000 hours between lamp & filter changes. Installed solutions offer up to 40,000 lumens and 4K, Ultra-HD quality.

Proprietary technology gives these projectors incredible clarity and support for simulation, virtual reality, and 3D video. For mission-critical applications, dual- and quad-lamp models keep information at your fingertips.

Laser diode technology provides superior image quality and cuts the amount of time and money you spend changing lamps…

Eco-friendly features can push halogen lamps to more than 7,000 hours, but, for full-power applications, you will likely be replacing your lamp after every 3,000 to 4,000 hours of use (at more than $500 each time). By comparison, projectors using laser diode light sources offer 20,000 to 40,000 continuous hours of use with absolutely no lamp changes.

In addition to lowering total cost of ownership, laser diodes offer improved color reproduction and don’t lose brightness over time as quickly as halogen lamps. With no more mercury-containing lamps or chlorine- and bromine-based flame retardants, laser diode projectors are the eco-conscious alternative. Since they don’t produce as much heat as halogen lamps, laser diode projectors run more quietly with fewer fans. Laser diodes come on almost instantly which cuts down or eliminates warm-up periods.

1-Chip DLP 4K UHD Laser Projector [11,800-lumens; 3840x2400] | F90-4K13

1-Chip DLP WUXGA Laser Projector [5,400-lumens; 1920x1200] | PT-RZ570

1-Chip DLP WUXGA Projector [8,500-lumens; 1920x1200] | PT-DZ870

3-Chip LCD WUXGA Projector [5,400-lumens; 1920x1200] | PT-EZ590

1-Chip DLP HD Laser Projector [3,500-lumens; 1920x1080] | PT-RZ370

1-Chip DLP WUXGA Laser Projector [6,500-lumens; 1920x1200] | PT-RZ670

3-Chip LCD Projector [5,000-lumens; 1920x1200] | PT-VZ580

3-Chip LCD WUXGA Projector [6,500-lumens, 1920×1200] | PT-EZ770Z

1-Chip DLP WUXGA Laser Projector [10,000-lumens; 1920x1200] | PT-RZ970

1-Chip DLP WUXGA Laser Projector [7,200-lumens; 1920x1200] | PT-RZ770

3-Chip LCD WUXGA Laser Projector [5,000-lumens, 1920×1200] | VPL-PHZ10

1-Chip DLP WUXGA Laser Projector [5,200-lumens; 1920x1200] | PT-RZ575

1-Chip DLP WUXGA Projector [7,000-lumens; 1920x1200] | PT-DZ780

3-Chip LCD WUXGA Projector [4,800-lumens; 1920x1200] | PT-VZ575N

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