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Touch Panels offer the highest levels of control. A TP can interface and unlimited number of A/V presentation features as well as environmental settings in the presentation room. Touch Panels are ideal for videoconferencing, teleconferencing, or other intricate presentation techniques. A TP is the most intuitive UI with visual prompts such as icons, graphics, and operating instructions.

Touch Panels (TPs) are available as a tabletop, wall/surface mount, or portable and in a range of physical sizes. Advanced TP technologies feature HD video, wide viewing angles, Bluetooth® connectivity, and integrated cameras.

A web interface is features in our Touch Panels; providing remote PC connectivity with freely-available VNC clients.

Touch Panel with Our Standardized Control System Interface

Touch Panel Interface for a Dual-Screen Control System

7-inch and 10.1-inch Modero S Series Tabletop Touch Panels w/ JSA Custom Interface

Meeting Room Console for iPad | H487

7-inch Wall Mount Touchlink Pro Touchpanel (Black/White) | 60-1563-02/03 [TLP Pro 725M]

10.1-inch Modero S Series Tabletop Touch Panel | MST-1001 [FG2265-05]

Touch Panel Interface for Single Display Systems

10.1-inch Modero S Series Tabletop Touch Panel w/ JSA Custom Interface

7-inch Tabletop TouchLink Pro Touchpanel | 60-1562-02, 60-1562-03 [TLP Pro 725T]

Tablet PC (iPad) Rack Mount Enclosure | TM6RURM

4.3-inch Modero S® Series Tabletop Touch Panel

Lighting & Shade Control Touch Panel Interface

Dual Presentation Touch Panel Interface

7-inch Cable Cubby TouchLink Pro Touchpanel | 60-1396-0200/0210 [TLP Pro 720C]

7-inch Modero S Series Tabletop Touch Panel | MST-701 [FG2265-06]

7-inch Modero S Series Tabletop Touch Panel w/ JSA Custom Interface

RealPresence Touch™

TouchLink Pro Conference Room Control Interface | 60-1206-02 [CCI Pro 700]

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