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20-Channel Live Mixing Console

Booth Equipment Rack & Mixing Console

Monitor Mounted on Balcony

Monitor Mounted on Balcony with Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Camera Above (Close-Up)

Sanctuary Projection System

Sanctuary with Projection System and Distributed Audio

Triple-Screen Multi-Purpose Worship Space

Under-Stage Equipment Rack: Amplifiers & Equalizer

Worship Choral Monitor Speakers and Microphones

Worship System with Projector and Low-Profile Speakers

Booth Equipment Rack -- Rear

Dual-Screen Sanctuary Projection System

Monitor Mounted on Balcony with Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Camera Above

Multi-Purpose Gym and Auditorium

Sanctuary with Dual-Screen Projection System

Sanctuary with Wall-Mounted Speakers and Projection System

Under-Stage Equipment Rack -- Rear

Wall-Mounted Line Array Speaker with Concealed Subwoofer

Worship Space with K-array Speaker System

While public address and sound reinforcement systems have been common in worship facilities for close to a century, many congregations now utilize video in their services as well. Just like in other presentation spaces, there are many applications for audiovisual technology in places of worship.

Audio Systems

With the prevalence of readily available audio and video components, many religious organizations seek to save money by designing their own systems. Often, these systems don’t account for complexities like room characteristics, speaker placement for total coverage, or proper microphone selection and placement.

Our expertise in acoustics and sound systems makes us a perfect partner for spaces that require quality. We are able to select the proper components without experimentation. We want to help your message be heard and we know how to reach every worshiper with clear, intelligible sound.

Our wide selection of speakers includes models that blend into any environment. These are perfect for historic and ornate facilities where large and obtrusive speakers can detract from aesthetic qualities of the room.

Places of worship are ideal candidates for assistive listening systems. These systems help hard of hearing (HOH) attendees hear every word. They don’t just amplify voices and sounds, they decrease noise so that every word is comprehensible. With an induction loop system, many of your HOH congregants can use their hearing aid or cochlear implant to listen along without any additional devices. For more information, visit our Assistive Listening Products page.

Video Systems

Projection and flat panel display systems have become more common in worship venues. In addition to helping worshippers follow along with readings and hymns, these systems can display live video of speakers and musicians. Distant congregants see worship leaders as though they are sitting in the front row. This strengthens the impact of your message by imparting nonverbal communications to your audience.

Streaming and Recording

Just like the audiotape ministries that emerged in the 1970s and 1980s for homebound worshippers, streaming video and video recordings enhance the ministry to those who cannot attend services. We offer systems that provide the best of these capabilities.

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