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Many presentation spaces in government facilities are just like those found in the private sector: boardrooms, seminar rooms, and auditoriums can all be found here. Other spaces are totally unique: spaces like council chambers, legislative chambers, and committee rooms.

You can find our systems in the Arkansas House and Senate Chambers along with council chambers in Little Rock, North Little Rock, and elsewhere. This is in addition to our clients in numerous public bodies such as electric cooperatives and public employee associations.

Our legislative and council chamber systems make sure that the voices of our elected officials are heard in their chambers and also across the city, state, country, and world. Cameras and microphones automatically focus on the lawmaker who is speaking and transmit the sound and video to viewer galleries, internet browsers, and radio and television stations.

Projectors and flat panel displays are becoming more common in government chambers. These allow officeholders and their constituents to easily review materials such as photos, budgets, and presentations that are pre-recorded or being given remotely.

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