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Control Room Concept Drawing (Flat Panel System)

Control Room Concept Drawing (Viewing Cones)

Dual Operator Workstation | Spectrum Console

Dual-Screen Workstation Consoles | Ascend Sit/Stand

Electrical Utility Operations Center

Medical Monitoring System

Multi Operations Center | Envision Command Console

Multi-Screen Operations Center

Security Monitoring Station | Encompass Control Station

System Control Booth

Triple Operator Monitoring Station with 24 Displays | LCD/3 Rack Mount Consoles

Video Control Room Undergoing Testing

Video Production Classroom | Sight-Line Command Console

Control Room Concept Drawing (Projection System)

Control Room with Binder/Literature Storage | Slat-Wall Control Console

Dual-Operator, 16-Screen Console | System/85

Electric Utility Operations Center

Medical Monitoring Station

Medical Operations Center

Multi-Screen Control Room

Operations Center Layout Concept

Single Operator, 4-Screen Desk with Wall-Mounted Displays | Insight Console

Three Single Operator Workstations with 3 Monitors and Flat Panels on M-View Rize Mount | Impulse Dual Sit/Stand

Triple Operator Security Control Center | E-SOC Control Stations

Video Control Room with Production Console

Video Production Operations Center

The operational needs of Control Rooms and Operations Centers are sometimes complex. Unlike other audiovisual systems, these may be used continuously 24/7 and an individual control room technician may use them for 8 or more hours per day. This means that operator comfort and equipment reliability are of utmost importance. Our goal is always simplification of audiovisual systems so they will facilitate problem resolution.

We have decades of experience installing control room systems. We understand the ergonomic aspects of furniture, lighting, equipment, and more. We know which equipment will provide the redundancy and strength that you need for your mission-critical infrastructure. You can find our systems in power plants, emergency response centers, medical monitoring stations, network operations centers, and audiovisual production facilities.

Part of our design process for these complex and important systems includes conceptual, 3D drawings. These help our clients visualize their room layouts and also let us consult with our furniture and technology partners to ensure that the system we install will meet your goals perfectly.

Our command console furniture partner, Winsted, has decades of experience with command centers and their various aspects. They have dozens of stock furniture options and they offer a full range of customizations when a unique solution is called for.

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