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A Boardroom is a space where managers or directors of an organization meet to make decisions. These rooms are typically arranged around a large table which seats from around six to a couple of dozen participants. Participants may face the center of the table towards each other, facing a screen at the end of the table, or may alternate between both orientations.

Conference Rooms have much in common with Boardrooms. In fact, they may be identical with the only difference being the seniority of participants. In some cases, conference rooms may accommodate a greater number of people than boardrooms. Whether you have a conference room or a boardroom, we have the right system.

Many of our boardroom and conference room systems include audiovisual components that are integrated into the table or other furniture. Integrations can be simple like a grommet, a decorative cover over a drilled hole, which allows cables for microphones and other equipment to pass through without tangling. More complex integrations include microphones with push-button control at each participant position or input connections that rise from the table when needed. No matter what level of integration is preferred and appropriate, we can provide it with the most professional looks.

One of our newest products is a ceiling microphone array. This technology is above your conference room table and uses directional technology to pick up participant voices while reducing room noise. This gives you the quality and precision of a table microphone while leaving your table surface clear for easily exchanging documents and other items.

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