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Boardrooms & Conference Rooms

Assembly Room with Rear-Projection Screen

Boardroom with Fixed Cameras and LCDs for Video Conferencing

Boardroom with Side-by-Side Fixed Projection Screens

Conference Room Credenza with Flat Panel Display

Conference Room with Projector Lift

Custom Boardroom Table with Integrated Microphones

Low-Profile, Integrated Conference Table Microphones

Small Boardroom with Flat Panel Display

Videoconferencing Boardroom with Integrated Flat Panel Display and ClickShare Presentation System

Boardroom Table with Integrated Audiovisual Inputs

Boardroom with Fixed Cameras for Video Conferencing

Boardroom with Surround Flat Panel Monitors for Video Conferencing

Conference Room Table with Microphone Cable Pass-Throughs

Conference Room with Supplemental Displays and Interactive Whiteboard

Equipment Racks In Cabinet Below Dual 70-inch LCD Monitors

Multi-Microphone Assembly Room

Small Videoconferencing Boardroom

Boardroom with Concealable Screen

Boardroom with Flat Panel Display

Boardroom with Videoconferencing System

Conference Room with Lectern and Document Camera

Conference Room with Videoconferencing System

Highly-Custom Boardroom Lectern

Office with Integrated Flat Panel Display and Speakers Powered By ClickShare

Small Videoconferencing Boardroom with Document Camera and Touch Panel

Boardroom with Dual-Screen Videoconferencing and Interactive Display System

Boardroom with Multi-Monitor Arrangement

Boardroom with Viewers' Gallery and Table Integrations

Conference Room with Projection System

Conference Room with Viewers' Gallery

Integrated Flat Panel Display and Speakers Powered By ClickShare

Simple Conference Room Projection System

Small Videoconferencing Conference Room

Combining & Multi-Use Rooms

Control Rooms & Operations Centers

Digital Signage


Atrium Projection System

Auditorium with Three Document Cameras and Rear Projection

Classroom with Lectern and Portable Touch Panel

Computer Lab Teaching Station

Distance Learning Computer Lab

Dual-Projectors For An Extra-Wide Classroom

Kids' Museum Presentation System

Multi-Configuration Training Room

Science Lab with Projection System

Touch Panel Museum Exhibits

Welcome Kiosk with Flat Panel Display

Auditorium with Lectern & Rear-Projection

Built-In Lectern with Chroma Key Screen

Classroom with Videoconferencing

Confidence Monitors in a Distance Learning Auditorium

Dual-Lectern Combining Classroom

Healthcare Education Laboratory

Lecture Hall with Theater-Style Seating

Multi-Purpose Gym and Auditorium

Small Orientation Center

Video Conferencing Cart

Auditorium with Pendant Speakers, Lectern, and Document Camera

Cafeteria Projection System

Classroom with Videoconferencing, Interactive Whiteboard, Smart Desk, and More

Digital Signage in Lobby Reception Area

Dual-Lectern, Dual-Screen Combining Classroom

Instructional Dental Laboratory with Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras

Medical Training Laboratory

Outdoor Rear-Projection System

Supplementary Monitors for Room with Obstruction

Video Conferencing Cart -- Rear

Auditorium with Supplementary Monitors

Cafeteria with Projection System and Flat Panel Display

Combining Healthcare Classroom

Distance Learning Auditorium

Dual-Lectern, Dual-Screen Combining Room

Interactive Night Vision Exhibit

Mock Courtroom with Lectern and Projection System

Quadruple-Screen Combining Room

Technology Classroom

Videoconferencing Auditorium


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