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An Arkansas Original

1963 Greers Ferry Dam Dedication

1969 Republican Governors Assocation

2-Inch Quadruplex Videotape

A More Powerful Control Solution

An Early Smart Board

CCTV Demo with an Early Doc Cam

CRT Monitors & Color Printers

Early Video Recording Systems

Jay During the Republican Governors Association Meeting

Leadership for the 70s

Repairing Amplifiers...

Scottie Stanley Supervising the RGA Meeting

The Stanley Sound Service Shop

William Carl Garner Visitor Center

1965 Arkansas Education Association Conference

1969 Republican Governors Association

60-foot Screen

An Early Boardroom Project

An Early Sound Cluster

Classroom Video Tape Recorder

Custom Made 'Snakes'

Eastman 16mm Projector Model 25

Jay's Early Days Stanley Sound Systems

Microphone Mixers and Transistor Ampliers

School Board Sound System

Stanley Sound System Car

Triple Stack Projector Assembly

Xenon Slide Projectors

1966 Arkansas Educational Association

1986 Commtex, ICIA, & AECT Shows

60-foot Screen Frame

An Early Home Video Tape Recorder (VTR) by Sony

Arkansas Power & Light (AP&L) Traveling Show

Cleaning Tape Machines...

Custom Remote Control (Circa 1967)

Hanging CRTs

Joe Carlton with 7-year-old Scott Stanley

One of the first Stanley Sound Systems Cars

School Intercom System circa 1969

The Jay Stanley Booth in 1998

TV Production Console

1967 Arkansas Education Association Conference

1986 Commtext, ICIA, & AECT

A Film Projector Being Repaired

An Early LCD Projector

Baptist Medical Center Combining System

CRT and a Double Stack

Early CRT Projector Mount

Jay & Logan at 1990s Trade Show

Language Lab Circa 1965

Outdoor Rental Preparation

Scottie Stanley Adjusts An Early CCTV Camera

The Press Clamours Over Reagan

When Kodak Was King...

At Work

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