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An interactive whiteboard (IWB) connects to a computer using video and USB ports. In spite of the name, some "interactive whiteboards" are simply LCD, LED, or other flat panel displays with touchscreen capabilities: not truly interactive. The IWB name is primarily from the fact that these displays use the same form factor as a traditional whiteboard. Interactive displays can be mounted to a fixed location such as a wall or to a cart for portability.

You will find interactive displays in classrooms, boardrooms, meeting spaces, museums, retail, and even athletic training facilities. Using an interactive whiteboard, presenters can file-save annotated documents, drawings, and content, such as brainstorming sessions. Presentations can be recorded, including audio from the presenter, to be shared or presented again.

The Sharp AQUOS BOARD® allows multiple participants to write or draw simultaneously. The handwriting recognition feature automatically converts handwriting into an easily-readable font. Audience participants connect their computers, tablets, and other smart devices to follow along and interact with the content on the display. You can annotate directly over certain Microsoft programs and other applications. The displays also integrate seamlessly with existing hardware and software technology.

For educational users, the Sharp AQUOS BOARD® integrates with software suites such as Blackboard®, Promethean® ActivInspire and ClassFlow™, Google® Classroom, Splashtop® Classroom, and others. Also, many providers of curriculum and other educational materials have begun to develop products specifically for use with interactive whiteboard systems.

75-inch JTouch Interactive Display System | INF7530AEG

Cart-Mounted Interactive Display with Keyboard

Small, Wall-Mounted Video Conferencing System

AQUOS BOARD® Interactive Display System | PN-C605B

Cart-Mounted Interactive Whiteboard

Wall-Mounted Sharp Aquos Interactive Whiteboard

AQUOS BOARD® Interactive Display System | PN-C703B / PN-C603D

Full HD (1920x1080) Interactive Touch Screen Monitors | Helium Series (PCT2235, PCT2265, PCT2435, PCT2485, PCT2785)

AQUOS BOARD® Interactive Display Systems | PN-L703B / PN-L603B

Interactive Whiteboard Mounted on Wall

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