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Barco’s ClickShare may be the easiest way to share images on your projection system or flat panel display. Just connect the "button" device to your USB port, press the button, and view your device’s image on the big screen. With this highly-intuitive system, there’s virtually no training. And, the features don’t stop there.

ClickShare works with your Mac or Windows PC without installing any software. Plug in the button, accept an executable file, and you are ready to go. Want to share content from your tablet or smartphone? It could not be easier, use AirPlay, Google Cast, MirrorOp, or download the free app for your iOS or Android device.

Another great feature of ClickShare is the ability to easily switch between content on different devices. Connect up to 64 devices at one time and have them all ready to share in an instant. In addition, you can display as many as eight of these devices on the screen simultaneously.

ClickShare is perfect for boardrooms, conference rooms, and any other space where your team collaborates. Did you know 82% of people bring their own device to meetings? In addition, they expect to be able to present instantly. Guests entering your meeting space will be connected in minutes.

Sharing high resolution content such as CAD drawings, graphics, or spreadsheets? ClickShare can display two Ultra-HD 4K video signals concurrently on two displays.

ClickShare also enhances learning. Content on students’ devices can be easily shared with the entire class. ClickShare also lets you annotate content or use your device like a blackboard.

88% of respondents, told ClickShare that they have taken actions to try and prevent technology issues. 24% have missed deadlines because of the issues and 12% say they have lost out on business or sales. ClickShare is the easiest way to overcome technology issues and it works with the technology that you already have in your meeting space.

Ask us how ClickShare can improve collaboration in your organization. Give us a call or simply fill out the form below and we can get started right away.

ClickShare CS-100 Wireless Presentation System

Integrated Flat Panel Display and Speakers Powered By ClickShare

ClickShare CSC-1 Wireless Presentation System

Office with Integrated Flat Panel Display and Speakers Powered By ClickShare

ClickShare CSE-200 Wireless Presentation System

The Power of Presenting in Business | Infographic

ClickShare CSE-800 Wireless Presentation System

Videoconferencing Boardroom with Integrated Flat Panel Display and ClickShare Presentation System

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