Keypads, although less versatile than Touch Panels, do provide enhanced User Interface flexibility. Keypad buttons connect/wire to specific media devices to adjust volume and also control other playback features. Keypads are available in several colors to complement surrounding surfaces.

Keypads provide an excellent "partner" with TP systems. Keypads can be installed at secondary locations to control basic functions while the Touch Panel is simultaneously in full control of more advanced system features.

6-Button Massio™ Keypad | MKP-106 (FG5793-06)

Metreau® Keypads Combined Into Single Wallplate

Novara® 8-Button ControlPad

Metreau® 13-Button Keypad

MKP-108 8-Button Massio™ Keypad

Novara® 8-Button ControlPad with Volume Knob and Indicator

Metreau® 6-Button Keypad with Navigation

Novara® 16-Button ControlPad

Tesira® Hardware Dialer | HD-1

Metreau® 7-Button Keypad

Novara® 17-Button ControlPad

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