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User interfaces (UI’s) are available in many types and sizes. The complexity of a presentation system plus simplification for the user, guide our selection of controls. In some systems, a combination of UI’s may provide the most comprehensive solution.

Touch Panels

Touch Panels offer the highest levels of control. A TP can interface and unlimited number of A/V presentation features as well as environmental settings in the presentation room. Touch Panels are ideal for videoconferencing, teleconferencing, or other intricate presentation techniques. A TP is the most intuitive UI with visual prompts such as icons, graphics, and operating instructions.

Touch Panels (TPs) are available as a tabletop, wall/surface mount, or portable and in a range of physical sizes. Advanced TP technologies feature HD video, wide viewing angles, Bluetooth® connectivity, and integrated cameras.

A web interface is features in our Touch Panels; providing remote PC connectivity with freely-available VNC clients.

10.1-inch Modero S Series Tabletop Touch Panel | MST-1001 [FG2265-05]

7-inch Modero S Series Tabletop Touch Panel | MST-701 [FG2265-06]

Touch Panel Interface for Single Display Systems

10.1-inch Modero S Series Tabletop Touch Panel w/ JSA Custom Interface

7-inch Modero S Series Tabletop Touch Panel w/ JSA Custom Interface

Touch Panel with Our Standardized Control System Interface

4.3-inch Modero S® Series Tabletop Touch Panel

Lighting & Shade Control Touch Panel Interface

7-inch and 10.1-inch Modero S Series Tabletop Touch Panels w/ JSA Custom Interface

Touch Panel Interface for a Dual-Screen Control System


Keypads, although less versatile than Touch Panels, do provide enhanced User Interface flexibility. Keypad buttons connect/wire to specific media devices to adjust volume and also control other playback features. Keypads are available in several colors to complement surrounding surfaces.

Keypads provide an excellent "partner" with TP systems. Keypads can be installed at secondary locations to control basic functions while the Touch Panel is simultaneously in full control of more advanced system features.

6-Button Massio™ Keypad | MKP-106 (FG5793-06)

Metreau® Keypads Combined Into Single Wallplate

Novara® 8-Button ControlPad

Metreau® 13-Button Keypad

MKP-108 8-Button Massio™ Keypad

Novara® 8-Button ControlPad with Volume Knob and Indicator

Metreau® 6-Button Keypad with Navigation

Novara® 16-Button ControlPad

Tesira® Hardware Dialer | HD-1

Metreau® 7-Button Keypad

Novara® 17-Button ControlPad

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Touch Panel Control is an AMX authorized product partner. An innovative suite of applications allow you to connect to a new or existing AMX control system. Once connected, your personal smart device looks, feels, and works just like an AMX touch panel. If you have a data or WiFi connection, you can use your Android Tablet, Android Smartphone, iPad®, iPhone®, iPod Touch®, or Microsoft® Windows 8/RT® device to control your AMX system.

TPControl for Android™ Smartphones

TPControl for Android™ Tablets

TPControl for iPad®

TPControl for iPhone® and iPod Touch®

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