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Wallplates are customized for each room. For microphone and auxiliary device inputs, wall plates are specific to the room where they are installed. In spite of being called wallplates, you will also find them inside of floor boxes, table boxes, and sometimes on ceilings. A more accurate name might be Connectivity Plates. Most of the wallplates we provide are a brushed stainless steel finish; this finish is both durable and attractive. However, just like nearly everything in our industry, wallplates are available in a wide range of finishes and colors.

Wall Plate with Harness Connected

Lectern Wall Plate Diagram

Double Gang HDMI and VGA+Audio HDBase-T Wall Plate Transmitter | S2MBW-120-XX

DXLink 4K HDMI Decor Style Wall Plate Transmitter | DX-TX-DWP-4K-[BL/WH] (FG1010-330-[BL/WH])

Wall Plate HDMI w/Audio Captive Screw and Control | 70-726-63 (WPD 110 A)

Wall Plate HDMI w/Audio Captive Screw and VGA | 70-766-33 (WPD 150 A)

Single-Gang Wall-Mounted Commercial-Grade Attenuators | AT10, AT35, AT100

Custom Wall Plate

Videoconferencing Wall Plate Diagram

Teleconference Audio On/Off Wall Plate

HDMI w/ Audio Wallplate DTP/HDBase-T Transmitter | 60-1421-12/60-1421-13 (DTP T HWP 4K 231 D)

Wall Plate DisplayPort w/Audio Captive Screw and Control | 70-766-03 (WPD 120 A)

Wall Plate HDMI, USB, and Network | 70-766-43 (WPD 160)

9-inch x 14.25-inch x 3.9-inch In-Wall Storage Box | PAC525

Wallplate for Lighting & Screen Control

USB2.0 over CAT5 Superbooster Wall Plate Transmitter to Dongle Receiver Kit | 53878

HDMI, Composite Video, and VGA Input Wall Plate

Dual HDMI w/ Audio Wallplate DTP/HDBase-T Transmitter | 60-1365-12/60-1365-13 (DTP T HWP 232 D)

Wall Plate DVI w/Audio Captive Screw and Control | 70-766-63 (WPD 130 A)

Wall Plate Dual HDMI with Network | 70-766-53 (WPD 170)

Input Wall Plate Diagram

DXLink™ Multi-Format Decor Style Wallplate Transmitter | DX-TX-DWP-(BL/WH) [FG1010-325-(BL/WH)]

Document Camera HDMI Input Wall Plate

HDMI, VGA, Audio, and Data Wallplate DTP/HDBase-T Transmitter | 60-1366-13 (DTP T UWP 232 D)

Wall Plate VGA w/Audio Captive Screw and Control | 70-766-23 (WPD 140 A)

Two Input DTP Transmitter for HDMI and VGA with Audio Embedding | 60-1755-12, 60-1755-13 [DTP T UWP 4K 232 D]

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