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Floor boxes add utility and flexibility to your room. They allow you to connect microphones, lecterns, and other wired equipment at locations that are not close to a wallplate. A floor box makes it easy to conceal cables and keeps cables from being a trip hazard or becoming damaged. Floor box covers come in finishes such as bronze, brushed aluminum, or plain white and black.

Covers can also be customized with inserts of floor tile, carpet, wood, and other matching floor finishes.

2.25-inches to 10-inches Deep Floor Boxes | FL-500P

Double Wide Stage Pocket Floorbox | 124xxyy

Full Stage Pocket Floorbox | 122xxyy

Overfloor Raceway System | OFR Series

Carpet and Tile Covers for FL-500P Floor Boxes | FL-500P-B, FL-500P-BLP, FL-500P-BSQ, FL-500P-S, FL-500P-SLP, FL-500P-SSQ, FL-500P-PLP-GRY, FL-500P-PLP-CLY, FL-500P-PLP-BLK

Floor Box with Cable Harness Connections

Half Stage Pocket | 123xxxx

Solid Covers for FL-500P Floor Boxes | FL-500P-SLD-ALM, FL-500P-SLD-BLK, FL-500P-SLD-CLY, FL-500P-SLD-GRY & FL-500P-BLK, FL-500P-OAK, FL-500P-SS

Custom-Finished Floor Box

Floor Box with Connected Cable Harness

HDMI, VGA, Audio, and Data DTP/HDBase-T Transmitter for Floor Boxes | 60-1568-12 (DTP T FB 232)

Super Double Wide Stage Pocket | 134xxxx

Double Wide Stage Pocket | 124xxxx

Full Stage Pocket | 122xxxx

Mini Stage Pocket | 025xx

Super Stage Pocket | 132xxxx

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