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Racks and enclosures are the types of furniture we use most frequently; they are required for nearly every system we install. The adage out of sight, out of mind is often applicable, but selection and placement are never afterthoughts. In some applications, a network closet or custom lectern provide the ideal “hiding” place.

When there is no obvious location for equipment racks, we coordinate with you, often your architect, and our partners to create an attractive and appropriate solution. Credenza racks are one of the most common solutions. Carts can also provide an attractive alternative and are easily stored out of the way when not in use. Whatever the challenge, we have the experience and partnerships for the best solutions.

Wall-Mounted Equipment Rack

Custom Enclosure with Built-In Equipment Rack

Equipment Rack Concealable Behind Decorative Wall Paneling

Under-Stage Equipment Rack -- Rear

Surface-Mount or Recessed Tilt-Out Wall Racks (2RU, 3RU, 4RU) | TOR Series

12RU Wall-Mount, Swing-Out Rack with Door | SR-WMS-12U

Equipment Rack Concealed in Cabinetry

27RU Stand-Alone, Floor-Standing Equipment Enclosure | ERK-2725-CONFIG

Booth Equipment Rack -- Rear

Wall Mount Racks | EWR Series

Hinged Panel Mount Rack | HPM Series

Mobile Cart with Equipment Rack and Projector

X-Large FUSION™ Manual Height Adjustable Floor Support Mount | XFA1UB

Under-Stage Equipment Rack: Amplifiers & Equalizer

Black Laminate Equipment Racks | BRK & RK Series

21RU Lockable, Floor-Standing Racks with Casters | SR-FS-SYSTEM-DC-21U

Equipment Rack Inside Existing Cabinetry

Equipment Rack Mounted Into Customer's Cabinet

Booth Equipment Rack & Mixing Console

20U Elite Rack in Ebony Finish with Casters | ERK-20-20B

21RU Wall-Mount, Swing-Out Rack with Door | SR-WMS-21U

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