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Speakers are available in many designs. Some are suitable for the simplest, generic sound system. However, others are engineered to be application-specific: they must be compatible with other system components, suitable for the architecture and acoustical properties of the space, and matching the available mounting locations.

Another important consideration is the mix of sounds; speaking, singing, music instruments, loud, soft. Success depends on experience and careful attention to technical design. Also, rapidly emerging technologies are always considered.

We understand speaker challenges and applications; we have installed thousands.

Pendant Speakers Installed On Decorative Ceiling

Stereo Ceiling Speakers

K-array KR202 Mark I Speaker & Subwoofer System

K-array Subwoofer Stored in a Closet

K-array Line Array Speaker with Subwoofer Concealed Behind Louvered Grille

Self-Amplified Wall Mount Speaker System | PCS615-MD-P

Low-Profile Speakers Blend Into Ornate Chambers

Compact In-Ceiling Speaker | Control 24CT

Lectern with Active Speaker Array | Lectern Active

Custom Finished Louvered Grilles Conceal Subwoofers

24-inch Ceiling Array Microphone (Black/White/Aluminum) | MXA910 (B/W/AL)

Full Range Stereo Soundbar with Integrated Amplifier | PSB-1

10-inch Surface-Mount Subwoofer | VXS10S

Battery-Powered Portable Sound System | Liberty 2

Huddle Room Video Conferencing Camera & Speaker | Studio [7200-85830-001]

Custom Wall Plate with Gooseneck Microphone and Push-to-Talk Button

Active Emitter Loudspeaker for Sound Masking, Paging, and Background Music | DS1320-B-4, DS1320-W-4 (0806.900, 0807.900)

All-Weather, High-Output Arena Horn Loudspeaker | FS12T-94

Pendant Speaker

Pendant Speakers on Decorative Ceiling

In-Ceiling Subwoofer | Control 19CS(T)

CBT 70J-1 + 70JE-1 Line Array Column Speaker System

EasyTalk™ Sound Bar for Conferencing Applications | 999-8565-000

Line Source Loudspeaker System | LS832

Low-Profile Line-Array Speakers Blend Into Ornate Chambers

Custom, Cantilever Projector Mount

Tornado 2-inch Point Source Multipurpose Speakers | KT2 & KT2C

Micro Spot Compact Powered Monitor Speaker | MSPA5

2-Way Loudspeaker System with 12-inch Subwoofer | AM5212/95

Ultra-Compact Powered Stage Monitor Speaker | NSPA

2-Watt Decora-Style Loudspeaker | D-SP1A, DB-SP1A, DG-SP1A, DS-SP1A

Battery-Powered Portable Sound System | Beacon 2

Two-Way, Full-Range, 60-degree x 60-degree, 12-inch Horn Loudspeaker | FS12T-66

Passive, Stainless Steel Line Array System with Six Speaker Elements | Python-KP52 I

Two-Way, Full-Range Loudspeaker with 8-inch Low Frequency Driver | AC895

66-inch, 26-element, Passive, Column Line-Array Speaker System | ALA20TAW

Flush-Mount Ceiling Speaker in Ornate Ceiling

3D Line Array Element Variable Beam Speaker | Kobra-KK102I

ListenPoint "Sound Field" System

Full-Range 15-inch Loudspeaker | EVI-15

Go Getter Portable, Battery-Powered Public Address System | GG-8000

Acclaim™ Lectern with Integrated Sound System | ACL-8000(U1/U2)BK

Array System Column Speaker | CBT 1000 + 1000E

Ultra-Compact Indoor/Outdoor Background/Foreground Speakers | Control 23-1

Rumble Ultra-thin, Array-able Bass Element | KU44(W)

Video Sound Collaboration System for Huddle Rooms | CS-700

Ultra Long Excursion High Power 18-inch Subwoofer | ASB7118

Professional Monitor Headphones | ATH-M30x

Personal Monitor System | PSM 300

Omni-Purpose 30-Watt Horn Loudspeaker | AP-30

Two-Way, Full-Range, 90-degree x 40-degree, 12-inch Horn Loudspeaker | FS12T-94

Wireless Companion Speaker for Liberty Portable Sound Systems | LIB2-AIR

USB-based, Single-Cable Video Conferencing Package with VoIP | C50800 Hybrid (854401088)

12-inch, Wall-Mountable Subwoofers with 70v/100v Transformer | SM12SUB70

Concealed K-array Subwoofer

K-array KMT18P Subwoofer

3D Line-Array Element, Selectable Beam Speaker | Python KP102 Mark I

12-inch Two-Way Bass Reflex Self Powered Monitor Speaker System | EON612

Acendo Vibe™ Conferencing Sound Bar with Camera | ACV-5100 [FG4151-00]

Line-Array Speakers Blend Into Ornate Chambers

Line Array Column Loudspeaker | CBT 50LA-1

Ultra-Compact Indoor/Outdoor Background/Foreground Speaker | Control 23T

Compact Full-Range Pendant Loudspeaker | JBL Control 64P/T

Two-Way 6.5-inch Coaxial Ceiling Loudspeaker for High Ceilings | Control 47HC

10-inch Full-Range 2-Way Loudspeaker | QX364

8-inch, 16-inch, and 24-inch Slim Line Array Loudspeakers | VXL1B-8, VXL1B-16, VXL1B-24

Sound Isolating Earphones | SE215

Lay-In Ceiling Tile Loudspeaker with 8-inch Driver | LCT 81C/T

Custom Wooden Enclosure with Microphone, Push-to-Talk Button, and Monitor Speaker

2-inch Full-Range, Point Source Speaker | Tornado-KT2

Two-way, 6.5-inch, Surface-Mount Loudspeaker | Desono MASK6C (0641.900, 0642.900, 0643.900, 0644.900)

To find out how we optimize sound systems, visit our Quality Control page.

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