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120-watt 70V Mixer Amplifier | VMA 1120

2-channel Amplifiers | XPA 1002 Series

30-watt, 60-watt, and 120-watt Modular 8-Channel Mixer/Amplifers | A-903MK2, A-906MK2, A-912MK2

8x1:3 4K60 4:4:4 Digital Video Presentation Switcher | NCITE-813AC [FG1901-16]

Digital Signal Processors | Nexia® CS, Nexia® PM, Nexia® SP, Nexia® TC, Nexia® VC

DSP with VoIP, Analog, and USB Teleconferencing | TesiraFORTÉ (AVB/DAN) VT4

Kommander 4-Channel 8000W Amplifier w/ DSP | KA84

Passive DI (Direct Injection) Direct Box | DIRECT-JT

Tesira® Hardware Dialer | HD-1

120-Watt 8-Channel x 2-Channel Commercial Series Mixer-Amplifier | VMA 2120

20-Channel Live Mixing Console

40-input Digital Mixing Console | Si Impact

8x4 Scaling Presentation Matrix Switchers with DTP Extension (70V Amplifier) | 60-1368-1(A) [DTP CrossPoint 84 IPCP MA 70]

Digital Sound Processor (DSP) | TesiraFORTÉ (AVB/DAN) AI

EasyUSB Mixer/Amp | 999-8530-000

Lectern-Integrated Mixer

Rackmount Bluetooth Receiver | DN-300BR

Two-Channel Amplifiers | XLi800, XLi1500, XLi2500, XLi3500

12x8 ProDSP Processors (w/ Optional AEC, POTS, and Dante) | 60-1179-10 [DMP 128 C P AT]

240-watt 70V Mixer Amplifier | VMA 1240

4K Scaling Presentation Matrix Switcher with 100-watt, 70V Power Amplifier | 60-1515-23 [DTP CrossPoint 84 4K IPCP MA 70]

Digital Audio Network Server | Tesira Server

DSP with Soft Codec Integration | TesiraFORTÉ (AVB/DAN) CI

Installed Audio Solutions | SoundStructure® C-Series

Low-Cost, High-Performance Mixer | EPM6/8/12

Single-Gang Wall-Mounted Commercial-Grade Attenuators | AT10, AT35, AT100

16-Channel Personal Monitor Controller | PMC16

25/70V 50W Plenum-Rated Audio Amplifier | 40881

60-watt 70V Mixer Amplifier | VMA 160

Digital Mixing Console | Vi7000

DSP with VoIP, Analog, and USB Teleconferencing | TesiraFORTÉ (AVB/DAN) VT

Kommander 4-Channel 2400W Amplifier w/ DSP | KA24

Mini Stageboxes | 16i & 32i

Stereo Bluetooth Audio Receiver | DN-200BR

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