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Although there is some overlap in the effects of acoustical treatments and sound masking, the purpose of each is quite different.

Acoustical treatments are used to quiet a noisy space by absorbing and/or diffusing sound waves. Installing these products in a gymnasium or school cafeteria would decrease the overall noise level and make it easier to hear a nearby talker.

Sound masking systems are used to obscure speech by injecting background noise (somewhat similar to the sound of rain) into a space. These types of systems can provide privacy in settings such as hospitals or law firms. In addition, they can help reduce distractions in noisy areas such as call centers.

Acoustical Treatments

Wedge Acoustic Diffsorbers (Diffusers/Absorbers)

2-inch Ceiling Tile Acoustic Absorbers

EconoWedge Acoustic Diffsorbers (Diffusers/Absorbers)

1-inch Flat Panel Acoustic Absorbers

2-inch Flat Panel Acoustic Absorbers

MaxWedge Acoustic Diffsorbers (Diffusers/Absorbers)

2-inch Baffle Acoustic Absorbers

180-degree Acoustic Diffsorbers (Diffusers/Absorbers)

MegaWedge Acoustic Diffsorbers (Diffusers/Absorbers)

2-inch Ceiling Cloud Acoustic Absorbers

EconoMegaWedge Acoustic Diffsorbers (Diffusers/Absorbers)

Wave Acoustic Diffsorbers (Diffusers/Absorbers)

Sound Masking

8-Channel Networked Sound Masking Controller | smartSMS-NET ML48 / SL48 / SL24

Vibration Exciter Loudspeaker | SMS-VIBX

Sound Masking Control Module with EQ, Amplifier, and Auxiliary Inputs for Paging and Background Music | Qt X 600/600D (0069.900, 0217.900)

8-Channel Networked Sound Masking Controller | smartSMS-NET RL200

Cambridge Sound Masking Loudspeaker | Qt Emitter [E-A-W-16-4]

Active Emitter Loudspeaker for Sound Masking, Paging, and Background Music | DS1320-B-4, DS1320-W-4 (0806.900, 0807.900)

Active Volume Control Sensor | SMS-SEN

Cambridge Sound Masking Control Module | Qt 300

Surface Loudspeaker | SMS-SURF5

10-Button Paging Station with Gooseneck Microphone | NPX G1100 (1839.900)

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